Lectures on Brahma Sutra by Sri Sri Mani Dravid Shastrigal in Tamil

Bhamati and Vivarana -- You will need Olympus DSS player to play this file. You can download the lite version of this player for free for Olympus web site.

Brahma Sutra - Summary 1 (50+ MB)

Brahma Sutra - Summary 2 (50+ MB)

Brahma Sutra - Summary 3 (50+ MB)

Brahma Sutra - Summary 4 (50+ MB)

Brahma Sutra - Summary 5 (50+ MB)

Poorva and Uttara Meemamsa - are they two parts of a single text? Part 1 (65 MB)

An article on adhyasa bhashya by Sri S. N. Sastri -- originial published in the journal "The Voice of Sankara."

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