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Biographical Sketch of Sri Sastrigal


Sri Goda Venkateswara Sastrigal was born in a Telugu brahmana family and he was brought up in Chennai, Tamilnadu.  Sri Sastrigal is a post-graduate in science. After the academic studies, he got in touch with Injikkollai Brahmasri Jagadeeswara Sastrigal, who is a great exponent on Vedanta and Srividya. Sri Sastrigal  studied Vedanta and Srividya under his erudite scholarship, even while being employed in Reserve Bank of India, Chennai. Sri Sastrigal recently took voluntary retirement from his bank job  to concentrate on teaching Advaita Vedanta, Srividyopasana and scriptures pertaining to our Vedic religion.


Having undergone Kramantha (Svashakha) Rig Veda adhyayana, Sri Sastrigal has completed Veda Bhashya of Rig Veda as well as Yajur Veda. In addition he has undertaken studies of Sahitya, Nyaya as well as Poorva Mimamsa. He has undertaken extensive studies in Uttara Mimamsa. He has obtained a doctorate degree in Advaita Vedanta Sastra from Rashtriya Samskrit Samsthan, New Delhi. He has been  conferred  Advaita Siddhi Ratnakara  title by Sudharma Rakshana Parishad,Tenali under the aegis of Sringeri Sankara Mutt.


 Sri Sastrigal has mastery over Telugu, Sanskrit, Tamil and EnglishHis spoken Tamil is very fluent. Even though the lectures presented below are in Tamil, Sri Sastrigal can deliver lectures fluently  in the languages mentioned above.  Sri Sastrigal’s lectures at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Mylapore, Chennai are very famous for almost two decades. There he has been lecturing on Upanishads as well Sri Bhagavad Gita. In addition, he takes classes for advanced students at Sankara Gurukulam, Abhiramapuram, Chennai. Besides, he has been preparing students in their post-doctoral research in  indology.


Both Sankaracharya-s of Kanchi and Sringeri matha have recognized Sri Sastrigal’s talent and he participates in various sadas organized by them. In addition, he also participates in Sadas organized by other Visishtathdvaitha and Dvaitha matha-s.


Besides Advaita Vedanta, Sri Sastrigal has been giving lectures on Srividya viz., Sri Lalita Sahasranama Bhashyam of Bhaskararaya (Saubhagya Bhaskaram), Sri Devi Mahatmiyam bhashyam of Sri Bhaskararaya, Sri Lalitha Trisati Bhashyam of Sri Adi Sankara, as well as Sri Parasurama kalpa sutra.


Sri Sastrigal regularly  contributes articles to various religious magazines. In addition, he is also the Director of Viswamitra Maharishi Vedic Research Centre, Madipadu, Andhra Pradesh.  Sri Sastrigal has been conducting Veda Sastra Sadas during the Diskha Parva of his Guru, on an annual basis. On this occasion, he conducts Chandi Homam to commemorate the contributions made by his guru.


Lectures Available in MP3-CD format


Please note that these lectures are not for sale. We charge only the production and S&H expenses incurred. While the CDs are not priced students are encouraged to donate towards the  annual veda  shastra sadas and chandi homam Sri Sastrigal conducts to commemorate the contributions made by his guru.




No. of CDs

Isa Upanishad & Kena Pada Bhashya of Sri Sankara



Kena Upanishad Vakya Bhashya



Prasnopanishad bhashya followed by Mandukyopanishad of Sri Sankara



Mandukyopanishad bhashya of Sri Sankara



Taittiriyopanishad bhashya of Sri Sankara



Lectures on Sri Lalita Sahsranamam with commentary Saubhagya Bhaskara


10 MP3-CDs  (in the US alone as a single DVD)


Lectures on Chandogyopanishad bhashya, Brhadaranyakopanishad bhasya,  brahma-sutra  bhashya (Sanskrit lectures), and sri parasurama kalpa-sutra are in progress.   Upanishad set will also  be available in the US in DVD format.


Audio Sample


Please note that these lectures were not recorded on professional audio recording systems, instead they were recorded on ordinary tape recorders of the devotees attending these lectures. These lectures are also not for casual listening, they require dedication and background knowledge on your part. Following sample is from the lectures on Sri Lalita Sahasranama bhashya.


Audio sample


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